Thursday, October 18, 2007

Building Bridges to China - Chinese Engineering Intern Helps Loeb

Selling equipment to more than 10 overseas countries sets a new record for Loeb this year. When I was young, I remember listening to my father talk about selling machinery to Central and South America as if these were far-away places—what with all of the shipping challenges. Today, it’s commonplace for Loeb to sell equipment to these countries. Overseas markets have become our new frontier—from selling aseptic packaging equipment to Ghana through the African Development Foundation to sending a baking oven to Papua New Guinea (which took six months to get there!). Yes, the world is becoming smaller and smaller each passing year.

This past summer, we took on an intern from China named Yunguang Chen. A student at Purdue University majoring in Packaging and Food Sciences, Yunguang quickly became know as “YG” in our office as he helped us build our growing overseas customer base. YG came to Purdue University to study because the quality of equipment and environmental standards are so low in his hometown of Nanjing, China. He hopes to take what he’s learned about capitalizing on pre-owned machinery back to his country to help them boost their understanding of quality food production under safer conditions.

All of us at Loeb have enjoyed learning from YG, as well as sharing our knowledge of the industry. Of course, we’re still wondering how he came to love country music so quickly, but that is another story…